What separates great recruiters from average ones?

In the last decade or more, the recruitment facet has witnessed several changes – from employment trends to demographics of employees and technological advances, to mention a few. These trends have contributed a quota to the dynamic recruitment industry and it is only recommended that recruiters are more proactive in the business of acquiring topnotch talent,

So, what are the qualities that separate the great from the average?

In a world where the real kings are the talented candidates, it is only appropriate that organizations begin to jettison outdated recruitment methods that slow down their processes.
Be that as it may, these challenges do not span across every organization in the recruitment sector; hence, the difference between good recruiters and average recruiters.

Attracting the wrong candidates

The market is candidate-driven and several recruiters approach several candidates. But it takes a great recruiter to distinguish a talented candidate from the active ones. Top candidates are hot commodities and they get easily put off by long interview dates. When recruiters delay the process of hiring, they run the risk of loosing the best talent.

A minimal understanding between recruiters and the hiring manager

The recruiting process is plagued by ineffective communication between both the recruiter and the hiring manager. Similarly, these recruiters may find it difficult to highlight the best channels to source top talents and the matching skill set in prospective candidates.

Slow hiring process

One of the greatest challenges struggling recruiters would face is the difficulty in finding a balance between the hiring speed and the quality of candidates. Even though you nurse the urge to recruit talent, you shouldn’t waste so much time in attracting the best talent. Therefore, great recruiters are victims of speedy and efficient recruitment.

Inefficient recruitment process

Do you know what average recruiters do? They spend valuable time doing ineffective and unnecessary tasks that only lead to the duplication of efforts. But a great recruiter spends a few hours in sourcing potential talents and resume reviews. Meanwhile, the average recruiter struggles with administrative tasks within the same timeframe where he could make a final selection for the client.

Inability to provide superlative candidate experience

Have you ever had an experience with a recruiter who took you through the process of recruitment and had to drop you without feedback at the end of the process? It sucks, right? When recruiters are unable to deliver a superlative candidate experience, it creates a bad image for the company’s brand. Even if a recruiter will reject a candidate, the candidate deserves to know. At the end of the day, such a recruiter is predisposed to negative reviews and a minute talent pool.
At Recrur, we understand the undesirable effects an average recruiter may render to your business as a manager and to your employment as a prospective candidate.

Without a doubt, no one can truly underestimate how great recruits impact positivity and productivity on the job market. As a league of recruitment superstars, we have implemented a series of tools that will make your recruitment process both easy and affordable while ensuring that you get the best talents on the market within a limited timeframe. What are you waiting for? If you don’t try, you would never know.

Welcome to Recrur, home of great recruiters!


Meery Reisi

Recruiter and client success manager. Meery’s experience in organizing talent across different industries has helped many employers and businesses improve their recruitment and hiring.

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