Recrur UNI for Education is tailored for universities, together with universities

It supports both academic and non-academic talent sourcing, large user base, has university-specific features and is highly customisable

What makes Recrur UNI so special?

University-specific features built in

Customisation and integration

Internship & job portal for students

  • Recruitment volume in an university is generally times higher than in a company. Recrur’s clean software architecture is prepared for that.
  • Academic and non-academic recruitment projects are separated, specific requirements of both are taken into account.
  • Login with UNI-ID is supported.
  • Large user base (3000+) and account syncronisation with university’s IT systems is supported.
  • Multi-layer structure is prepared to support the number of faculties and departments of universities.
  • In addition to job portals, integrations can be made with international university networks and other specific talent sources.
  • Application forms in academic recruitment projects are usually longer and more detailed. Correct presentation of larger amount of application documents is supported by Recrur.
  • Document verification and classification functionalities are customised for university recruiter’s needs.
  • Additional parties like expert groups and departments can be involved into the recruitment process. This requires specific user rights and roles, that are supported by Recrur.
  • Statistics module is customised for universities, separating academic projects and supporting the multi-layer structure of an university.

Student internship and job portal

  • Customised student portal where companies can present their internship and job offers and students can apply easily.
  • University has an overview of internships and recruitments made through the portal. This statistics enables to evaluate university’s efforts of linking education with business.
  • University has a database of companies and students.

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