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Recrur värbamislugu - G4S

Human Resources Director, G4S – Indrek Sarjas

“Now the recruiters’ desk isn’t so fragmented anymore, and they can do everything from one place. Managers are involved, and they can see the development state of any recruitment project.
We also saved some time – we measured this ourselves…
saved quite a big amount of time, actually.”

TalTech’s internship portal for entrepreneurs

We were tasked with making the TalTech recruitment portal the most convenient student recruitment solution in Estonia. The broader goal of the developed solution is to create added value in acquiring higher education and to make entering the labour market as smooth and efficient as possible for students.

Recrur x TalTech portaal tudengi poolt vaadatuna

“Recruitment management became much easier for the Estonian media after the introduction of Recrur’s software. It allows all important recruitment activities to be done conveniently and quickly without leaving the environment.”

Kelly Imme
Talent Manager
AS Postimees Grupp

“The implementation of Recrur was quick and successful, which is very important in a large organization like COOP. One of the key factors was the software training’s being specially designed for us, which quickly clarified the system for both our recruiters and department heads, who have been very satisfied with Recrur.”

Kerstin Jaani
Human Resources Director
Coop Estonia

“We introduced Recrur in our company at the beginning of 2018, and today I can confidently say that this decision has significantly changed both our recruitment process as a whole and the candidate experience. Using Recrur has ensured a good internal exchange of information on recruitment projects; now all parties can independently monitor the progress of the project.”

Marge Litvinova
Head of People
Grant Thornton Baltic OÜ

“Recrur is an integral assistant in our work, from managing candidates in cooperation with the client to analysing the search process. In addition, Recrur is secure, which is extremely important when it comes to confidential personal data – the candidate is easy to remove from the database if necessary. It also creates a sense of security for the candidate!”

Liis Purge
Recruitment manager
Psience OÜ

“Working time is no longer spent moving between different files, and the whole process is put together for us in one modern database. And most importantly, the Recrur team’s quick response to problems and openness to proposals is remarkable.”

Annika Oidjärv
Senior Recruitment Consultant
M-Partner HR OÜ

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