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A Better Life for Professional Recruiters

Structure your recruitment workflow
and keep all your candidate info in one place
with our easy-to-use recruitment tool.

Candidate experience
Offer candidates a great application experience. Build trust and improve your retention rate.
Recruitment flow
Design your own work structure. Make sure your recruitment works like a well-oiled machine.
Data protection
Our safety features and timely notifications help you maintain your GDPR compliancy status.

All your applicant
info in one place

Less switching between different tools!
Keep all candidate info in one place for easy access and quick overview. Create shortlists for clients and feedback on applicants.

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All your applicant<br> info in one place All your applicant<br> info in one place

Kelly Imme

Estonian Media
"Our recruitment process has definitely become much simpler since we started using Recrur. All our recruitment related activities can easily and comfortably be done in one place. Absolutely irreplaceable for a big organization such as ours."

Ginta Prauliņa

Citadele Bank
"Recrur has made our recruitment process much easier. It helps to keep track of active vacancies and candidate statuses, statistics module is helpful in keeping track of the progress. So far I am fully satisfied that we chose Recrur as our new recruitment tool."

Marge Litvinova

Grant Thorton
"Recrur has improved our recruitment process as well as the candidate experience. User experience and flexibility have been the key values for us. Recrur helps us both individually and as a team to work more efficiently and speeds up the whole process."

Liis Purge

"Recrur is the tool we use for everything from candidate management to cooperating with our clients to analysing our candidate search. In addition Recrur is great for handling personal information and removing and adding information is easy - makes candidates feel secure."

Annika Oidjärv

Using Recrur has taken our job to another level. No need to waste time on working with different files and programs - all our work is done in one modern database. And most importantly, Recrur team is very helpful and open for suggestions.

Made by recruiters
for recruiters

Fits both agencies and companies. Recrur lets you tailor your own workflow and optimize it the way you see fit. It doesn't matter if you're recruiting for a retail store, your office or for multiple clients.

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Ready to get started? Sign up a free account or book a demo.

Ready to get started? Sign up a free account or book a demo.