Change the way you recruit!

software for making recruitment easy

Structurise and digitalise the full recruitment process
Connect HR teams and hiring managers
Involve candidates and assure the highest candidate experience

Top-level efficiency for


Structured and efficient process
Optimized workflow
Routine tasks automation
Highly qualified candidates


Real-time overview
Statistics based inputs for planning
Effective candidate evaluation
Ease of use


Easy applying
Feedback sharing
Candidate involvement

Time saving for recruiters at least


of their recruitment tasks!

Time saving for hiring managers
at least


of their recruitment tasks!

The index of candidate experience will increase at least

2 times

Recruitment made easy for everyone

The hiring process can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience for recruiters, managers and as well as for candidates.

Recruiters want to get rid of existing excels, files and folders. They want to work with modern and time-saving recruitment tools as the most of the Fortune 500 companies (Jobscan).

Managers want to have a real-time overview of the job statuses, evaluate the candidates as easy as possible (Recrur).

Candidates are interested in applying easily, transparency and getting feedback. This is the basis of creating great candidate experience.
60% of the candidates have quit in the middle of filling out the application because of complex and lengthy forms.

Hire with Recrur, change the recruitment process easy and efficient for everyone!

Find the best suitable candidates

The main challenge in recruitment is for finding the right candidate at the right time. For increasing the probability to fill the positions at the expected time, we recommend to choose the following combination of channels.

  • Grow your own talentpool for not being charged by other platforms.
  • Expand the choice of channels to hire candidates (job boards, social network, social media etc)

Hire with Recrur, find the best candidates at the right time!

Customizations for meeting your specific needs

Recrur software has been developed in a way that supports personalized settings and customizations. Based on the long-term experience and clients’ feedback, we assure that 80% of the general recruitment processes can be successfully managed by Recrur. We understand that each organization is unique and therefore we support each organization’s specifics by implementing personalised settings.

Hire with Recrur, considering the specifics that you have!

Everyday support & know-how sharing

For us, it matters that each of Recrur client actually upgrades the way they recruit. Starting to use or change software in the organization, is the change. We support our clients in thinking through what is the most suitable workflow for their organization, how to implement the change in their organization and helping them in the implementation process.

We are there for you every workday from 9.00 a.m to 6..00 p.m. (GMT+2)

Enterprise-grade technologies

Scalable architecture

Sustainable enterprise-grade technologies

Complies with GDPR requirements

Highest security standards

Easy to use for all levels of computer proficiency

6000+ users!

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I would be happy to introduce the ways Recrur can bring your organisation's recruitment process to the next level by making it simpler and more effective.

Please get in touch and let's find the most suitable solution for you.

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