Recrur Developer blog: What drives us?

Recruiting is really about building relationships between people, but recruiters often get stuck building spreadsheets and doing bureaucracy. It’s time to fix that.

Humble beginnings.

You may have noticed that Recrur is not a huge billion dollar company. Instead Recrur is a product of love and a lot of hard work from a small team of talented people.

Born out of our own need for better tools as recruiters. We started tinkering on Recrur as a side project for our own use back in 2016 and it took another year to have our first working prototype ready. We quickly noticed an improvement in the way our team worked. It was comfortable having all our information in one place and it helped us streamline our work processes – which in turn helped us save quite a lot of time.

It was during these early days that other companies started expressing interest in using Recrur for their own recruitment needs. We kept making improvements and showing Recrur to more people. We were cautious at first, but as we kept talking to more and more people it became clear that we were on the right track.

A brand new brand.

It’s February 2019 now and we’ve just launched our brand new design along with the new logo and a new landing page. We are also working on some additional improvements to our product function and comfort of use. While there are many companies using Recrur and more keep signing up then we still at the very beginning of our journey.

Why do we do it?

Recruiting is really about building relationships between people. Our goal is to make recruitment easier, more comfortable and effective for everybody involved. For the recruiter, the employer and the candidate. Automating paperwork and removing useless bureaucracy are just some examples on how we do that.

Smaller companies usually don’t have the resources to develop a proper recruitment process. This means that a lot of talent is wasted and misplaced, amazing career opportunities are lost and great resources go completely untapped.

In a medium sized company, recruiters will often get slowed down with documentation – organizing documents, creating candidate lists in excel sheets and keeping track of all the relevant communication.

Usually there is a lot of paperwork involved before meeting a person and figuring out if they are right for the job – not to mention everything that happens afterwards. For example new regulations require you to ask for permission from candidates so you could legally possess their data. Failing to do so will cause you to get fined for massive amounts of money, but this also makes the early stages of recruitment a bit awkward for most recruiters.

What the future holds.

We aim to help companies everywhere by providing them with a solid framework for recruitment and helping them optimize their current one. We hope our new design will make things even easier and we will keep working on improving things further.

This will likely be a lifelong project, but I feel that a life spent helping others and improving things is a life well lived.

We hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look into Recrur. Should you wish to learn more or get in touch, then feel free to send us an email or reach out to us via social media.


Marit Alaväli

A recruiter and human resource manager. Marit has many years of practical experience in hiring for the IT industry – excellent in both finding new talent and organizing existing taleFounder of Recrur and CEO of Ignite. Marit has a long history in recruitment, helping businesses find great employees across many different industries. She is always iterating and always improving the way things are done.nt.

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