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At Recrur, we believe that great experiences are meant to be shared. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our Customer Referral Program! If you love using Recrur and know others who would benefit from our powerful recruitment platform, now’s the perfect time to share their contacts and get rewarded.

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Recrur is transforming the way companies approach hiring by offering a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for all their recruitment needs. With features like intuitive job postings, advanced candidate management, and seamless team collaboration, Recrur helps businesses of all sizes find the right talent quickly and efficiently.

How It Works

Share the contacts of your friend who may benefit from our recruitment software. For doing this, please fill the form on this page, also including your contacts. We will contact your friend directly and send you a gift for helping us to make recruitment easy.

Benefits for You and Your Friends

For You: Earn attractive rewards for every successful referral.
For Your Friends: They get access to an innovative recruitment tool that will help them find the best talent and grow their business.

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