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We are offering to 10 organisations an opportunity to use our recruitment software for free on the next 12 months. you are welcome to apply if your organisation meets a few criteria:

You will have 10 or more recruitment jobs within the next 12 months.

You are ready to give us regular feedback about the software – to help us making it even better.

You would allow us to refer your company / organisation in our web & social channels, posts/articles about the use cases are OK too.

You are ready to participate in our promotion efforts by sharing Recrur campaigns in your web or social channels (to be discussed & agreed separately).

Offer includes onboarding, training and support!

Customisation options are available too!

For applying to the program please fill the form. We will get in touch and agree the time for a video-call.

Free accounts left: 5

In case of questions please contact:

+372 510 4524

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    I would be happy to introduce the ways Recrur can bring your organisation's recruitment process to the next level by making it simpler and more effective.

    Please get in touch and let's find the most suitable solution for you.

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