Video introduction saves time for both the recruiter and the candidate!

Video is an increasingly important communication channel in today’s recruitment world. The main practice today is a face-to-face video interview, which successfully replaces the in-person meeting in the initial phase of recruitment. As far as time-saving is concerned, it is possible to take a step further – start the process with a short video introduction, on the basis of which the recruiter can make a quick decision about the candidate’s suitability and whether to proceed. The video introduction is asynchronous and allows the candidate to record the video at a suitable time, as well as to test and improve the final result. The recruiter can also view the presentation at a convenient time and share it with their team if necessary. With more suitable candidates, the recruiter can proceed with live video interviews, saving time for both parties.

Recrur now has a video recording functionality that allows you to:

  • Send a unique application link to the candidate, from which the candidate can quickly and conveniently create a video introduction and send it to the recruiter.
  • The recruiter will be notified when the video arrives, so that they can watch it on the candidate’s profile.

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