Helping to keep life open – registering volunteers to vaccination centers

We help to keep Estonia open – Recrur recruitment software supports the registration of volunteers for mobile vaccination centers all over Estonia. Volunteer’s job is to answer people’s questions, invite them to the vaccination center, maintain order and assist people in the post-vaccination area, and do other tasks that need to be done so that medical staff can focus on vaccination.

In addition to the traditional HR work, Recrur recruitment software is also suitable for managing staff for large events and campaigns. The vaccination campaign is a good example here. Recrur helps the campaign organizers by offering the following benefits:

  • Convenient registration and creation of a database of helpful people who can also be contacted in the future.
  • Substantial saving of time spent for contact management tasks.
  • A clear overview about the volunteer recruitment status in every vaccination center.
  • Time savings in communication with volunteers and preservation of communication history.

We are always happy to find new use cases for our software outside the traditional personnel recruitment area. Recrur’s software is flexible enough for this and we can customize it further if necessary. So, if you manage events and campaigns regularily or recruit larger staff on a seasonal basis, please contact us.
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