Interview: Vaccination campaign with recruitment software

Let’s help to keep life open! Recrur recruitment software is used to register volunteers for vaccination centers all over Estonia. We asked the organizer of the campaign, Hanna Jäe, what is the campaign about and what role is the recruitment software playing in it.

What exactly is the “Shoulder Your Duty” campaign about? How many vaccination centers will you set up and how many volunteers do you need? What channels do you use for volunteer recruitment?

The aim of the “Shoulder Your Duty” campaign is to encourage all Estonian people to vaccinate themselves against the virus. Vaccination is the only effective way to prevent the disease and thus keep life open. In order to speed up the vaccination process, number of vaccination centers and mobile vaccination points have been set up all over Estonia. Volunteers in those centers help the medical staff so that they could focus on vaccination. At all vaccination centers, there are plenty of tasks that can be performed by someone who does not have a medical education, and volunteers are a valuable help in these tasks. Depending on the day, the need for volunteers is different, but there are constantly many points all over Estonia where volunteers are contributing. The work will be especially active at the end of August, since the schools start in September and additional vaccination points will open in many new places all over Estonia before that. A Facebook group “We keep Estonia open – volunteers” has been created to recruit volunteers, and all information is shared through it.

How the recruitment software became necessary to run the “Shoulder Your Duty” campaign? How did you recruit before?

The mobile vaccination team of West Tallinn Central Hospital with volunteers

The need for process automation arose quite early in the preparation phase, as it was evident that there would be a lot of information that would eventually have to be stored and managed in one place and shared quickly and conveniently to many parties. At first, the well-known Excel was used, but unfortunately it was not enough. Because there are many parties involved in the whole process, there is a risk of data duplication, and that would create a lot of confusion.

How has Recrur recruitment software been helpful? What problem does it solve for you?

Recrur is actually helpful right from the start of the process. First, the volunteer can contact us through the registration link, which is always included in the advertising messages we share. Through the application, we will immediately receive all the information we need about the volunteer, and the volunteer will also automatically receive information that is important to him or her after registration. All parties see if and how many volunteers are ready to come to help a particular vaccination center. Recrur automatically shares and registers all the details that otherwise should be handled by a dedicated employee.

How has the software affected the volunteer application process?

I can safely say that the application journey has been very convenient for volunteers. Based on the feedback received, I would point out that it is important for volunteers that information reaches all parties quickly. There is no need to specify anything later, all important information is available automatically.

How did the implementation Recrur software go? How long did it take?

Software deployment was very quick thanks to the fast and helpful customer support team. Also, the structure of the software itself is logical and easy to understand. I can say that in a couple of days all the necessary functions were clear to the campaign organizers.

Register here to join our volunteers:

Eldred vaccinators with volunteers at the Proto Discovery Center
Vaccination Ambulance on the first mission at the Merko construction site

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