Recruitment software updates – August 2021

We are pleased to bring you some new features of Recrur’s recruitment software.

Career and/or camapign page updates

There are new functionalities on Recrur career and/or campaign pages. Now you can display on career page also the following:

  • Videos for introducing your company or a team etc
  • Links to the company website and social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)

For embedding a video please select CAREER – QUOTES – YouTube video URL and click SAVE.

Video will be shown on the career page like this:

For inserting the website and social media links, please select CAREER – COMPANY – add url – click SAVE.

The website URL and social media icons will be displayed like this:

If you do not have the career page functionality on your Recrur account opened yet, but would like to start using it, please notify us via e-mail:

Additional channel for contacting our Customer Support

As a new channel for interacting with our Customer Support, we have added the chat window functionality to our website. The chat button is located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

For contacting the Customer Support, please use the chat window or e-mail:

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