Recruitment software updates – July 2021

We are pleased to bring you some new features of Recrur’s recruitment software.

Internal recruitment request

Managers and/or co-recruiters can now share internal recruitment requests to eachother by using a form. The simple form enables you to save and share more detailed information about the job and/or the employees you are looking for. This functionality saves managers and recruiters some time of communication and replaces an e-mail exchange.

To open the form, please check the “Additional details” box in the JOB view.

Internal recruitment request - additional details form

The recruitment request data is then available in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION fields under the JOB.

Internal recruitment request - additional information view

2-level company structure

It is now possible to create sub-units under the departments. This enables more detailed differentiation and statistics of jobs – that is useful for larger organizations.

2-level company structure setup - view 1
2-level company structure setup - view 2
2-level company structure setup - view 3

Easily add customer team members in the job view

It is now easier to add customer team members to the project – it can be done on the job page, without navigating to the rights page.
If you would like to enable this functionality for your company’s account, please let us know.

Easily add customer team members to the job - view 1

Software & Services info

I would be happy to introduce the ways Recrur can bring your organisation's recruitment process to the next level by making it simpler and more effective.

Please get in touch and let's find the most suitable solution for you.

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