Why use ATS software for recruitment automation?

Getting all the information together for just one candidate can be a nightmare as you pull together information, application, CVs…

Technology to make recruitment more effective

Whilst it is still important to keep the human touch when working as a recruiter, it would be remiss to ignore all the technological advancements around us that can make our jobs easier and the recruitment process smoother. After all, in this modern era where mobile phones are as powerful as PCs, and laptops can fit inside envelopes, it can’t be a bad thing to take advantage of everything technology has to offer. Right?

The main issue recruiters face in their day to day work is the age-old problem of keeping all the documents and details required to complete their work in an efficient order. The amount of documentation a recruiter accumulates is not only vast but can end up being stored in a variety of different places. All the files you need regarding candidates, vacancies, employers etc are generally disconnected and kept in separate programs that have no link to each other. For example, you may keep candidates’ CVs and cover letters in one folder on your Gdrive whilst at the same time storing contact details for employers in an Excel sheet with links to client websites etc. Getting all the information together for just one candidate can be a nightmare as you pull together information, application, CVs – the list goes on and on.

Lost in communication

For one vacancy you might have to do this dozens of times before forwarding all the documents to a colleague for review after which they may forward it to the hiring manager. At each stage each person the document passes through may add notes or leave feedback which then creates an extra document that will then need to be added to the ever-growing list of things that need to be filed.

The more people you add to the mix the more documentation you get until, in the end, it becomes so complex and unwieldy that your productivity falls through the floor and you are reduced to a paper shuffling desk jockey as you attempt to find the important information amongst all the bullshit written down. On top of this, your management at the recruitment company may at each stage require review documentation providing analytics allowing them to see how effective the business is. Another set of documents to add to the mix and even more things to store, save and collate.

Cumulative documentation is hell

It is because of this complexity of documentation that recruiters need a good applicant tracking system (ATS) built specifically for their needs and providing them with one place to store everything required for each candidate. Many recruiters currently employ a half-measure by using a sales ATS systems that kinda gets the job done, but not fully. It works in a way but doesn’t provide the flexibility or breadth of options you need.

But how do you find a good applicant tracking system for your recruitment automation needs? Well, that’s the million-dollar question. Most Recruiters are not technical people and come with a sales, marketing, literature, psychology or art background. They are not interested in the technical side of how things operate. They are interested in building relationships with their colleagues, customers and applicants and they want to communicate with them efficiently. What they don’t want to do is spend hours each day running diagnostics and creating documents. They want to be out there talking to people.

Swiss army knives don’t actually make good scissors

This is why we built Recrur and why our company exists. We understand how difficult it is to track applicants, statistics and documents whilst having that strong relationship needed to ensure you can do your job properly. At Recrur we provide what we think is the best applicant tracking system on the market that streamlines the application process, centralises documentation, and allow you to concentrate on what you are good at, communicating with people. Head over to Recrur.com today and see for yourself.


Triinu Leppik

Product manager of Recrur. Triinu’s experience in organizing talent across different industries has helped many employers and businesses improve their recruitment and hiring.

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