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Who and how Recrur helps?


For recruiter or HR specialist, Recrur gives an efficient workflow and substantial saving of time


For managers, Recrur delivers an overview of talent sourcing and valuable inputs for planning


For candidates, Recrur offers recruitment transparency, involvement and easy applying

Recrur is the leading provider of recruitment automation services.
Recrur’s heart is the first recruitment software ever created in Estonia. Based on this system, we have developed a set of support services for professional recruiters. We make recruitment productive and transparent for all parties involved.
We support many companies and organizations internationally – you are welcome to join them!

What is the software for?

Recruitment chain is efficient and easy to manage

Create your own recruitment phases and manage your candidates from even before the first message. In Recrur’s system, you can accept and reject candidates, add comments, take notes, and schedule meetings. By managing the whole process from one place, you can ensure that every candidate receives a quick response and the whole team gets a clear overview of the actions taken with the candidate

Build a user-friendly work structure in Recrur to make work smooth and productive. Create a candidate experience for your company that will help you gain trust and that is easy for candidates to complete. This will yield more high-quality candidates and save you time on administrative tasks.

Talent pool saves time and money

Candidates who have applied through the application link or through recruitment portals will be added to the corresponding job listing in the Recrur system automatically. If necessary, candidates can also be added manually or by importing the data in CSV format. Information related to the candidates (CV, cover letter, emails, general information, pictures, comments) can be added to each profile, and all candidates can be searched by keywords. Create your own database for future recruitment and save time and money!

Publish easily in job portals and social media

With the help of Recrur’s interfaces, you can conveniently publish job advertisements directly to job portals such as CV-Online and CV Keskus and share your branded application form through social media channels. Job postings can be added directly from the system to the company’s career page, and questions for potential job applicants can be created and linked to the job application link.

And much more….

Support Services

  • Recruitment audit and consulting
  • Career websites
  • Recruitment campaigns in social media
  • Software training and implementation

Custom solutions

  • Software customizations
  • Additional midules development
  • Integration with HR systems

Software & Services info

I would be happy to introduce the ways Recrur can bring your organisation's recruitment process to the next level by making it simpler and more effective.

Please get in touch and let's find the most suitable solution for you.

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All information in Recrur is stored in accordance with GDPR data protection laws and you will be notified when your data starts to expire.

Recrur's recruitment software is part of Enterprise Estonia's Development Program, which supports Recrur from the European Regional Development Fund in 2018-2022 in the amount of € 436,500, with the aim of developing and launching Recrur globally (at least 45% of turnover).